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June update 03/06/2017

Hello Kittens!

This month is going to be a relationship month for us.
Our team has been talking about our relationships and hardships we face. Being with someone can be very difficult, especially if you deal with personal issues that can be an impediment to “and they lived happily ever after…”

After all, we’re just stupid people who know nothing about the world or ourselves who are trying to make things work. “How can you know how to make me happy if I don’t know that myself” kind of thing. ^.^
Btw: Who told us that two individual morons can be one sensible entity without monumental work behind it?

Enjoy your life and do something special for your relationship. <3

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Those mysterious sex coins

named after the anal sphincter.
Sexy brothel coins may be fabulous but would they accept them as payment?
Why it’s never a good idea to jump into conclusions. ^.^
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Valentine’s Kittens style

It’s Valentine’s day, time for a compulsory post about it. Love and sex are so connected with Valentines that we simply cannot remain silent, everybody is talking about it, Valentine’s sales are everywhere (even butcher’s do it – nothing says ILY like a heart-shaped flesh of a dead animal). Read more

Music to fuck by – Dark and Smooth

Episode 3: Getting it dark and smooth.

It’s cold outside and the moon is bright, as winter puts a snowy caul on us all, many desires seem to fall asleep. But not here, not among the Kinky Kittens. Winter time can be nice, warm and cozy beneath the sheets, blankets or by the fire in the snowy mountains.
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Kinky Kittens go to war (for love)!

We, the Kittens, love to play, love to party and above all – love to make love. We are all for safe and wonderfully insane sex for everybody. But there are places where the very word “love” seems to be forgotten, not only in the physical form, but also the one between the hearts. We want to help so the people can fell both of these again.
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Aspen Edwards

If you’re looking for brains and body, she’s the one! #cupcakes
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Pink Eiga TV

Binge-watch Japanese classic exploitation and pink films! You know you need to know other cultures if you want to call yourself a netizen ^.^
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Sneaky Panda

A wonderful and delicious South African company that drew our attention. It’s no wonder it did – it’s about two things we love: CATS and SWEETS! Plus we have a soft spot for Hello Kitty <3
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Anastasia Lux

Do you dream of huge natural breasts with big sensitive nipples and big booty? The thought of 36HH gets you rock hard?
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