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January update

Welcum back Kittens!

The last two years were pretty hardcore for us. From family problems to job related fuckups, we had our attention diverted away from You. We are sorry we abandoned our lovely Kittens like that but our world collapsed.

Now we are back, and we’ve changed.  Don’t expect any political correctness, groupthink  or drama, we encountered this, we hate it. We are too old for this shit.

But what about our future? More happy things, more tits, more honesty and more us.

Stay strong Kittens! Mommy and Daddy are back <3

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Sex deviations in Japan.

The subject is very broad and intriguing. When you ask someone what image they have implanted in their head about sex in Japan they start describing many prejudices or some ‘common knowledge’ like you know….the size of Asian penises.
But how it really is?
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Dirty Talking – Doxy

Hello and welcome to Dirty Talking 🙂 We are a couple and we like sex, porn, other kinky things and we often talk about it,  so… why not share some of these talks with more people? The concept of this column is to capture our erotic-themed conversations on specific subjects (such as reviews, some trends in porn etc.) and show it to you.

We hope that it will provoke conversations with your significant other, friends or strangers 🙂
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Nerdy guide to security and hardware

Cheers Love! The IT support is here!

This series of articles should help you keep your electronic presence secure and your hardware choices optimal. I will also try to help you stay as anonymous as possible, together we will build a good PC/Laptop for your cam business and we will unravel the mysteries of TOR, cryptography and privacy settings on your brand new phone.

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Teledildonics – the future of adult entertainment?

Cyber sex has been a thing for a while now and it’s not going anywhere, especially now that we have cool technology and fast Net.

We’ve been hearing about it for ages but the technology is finally here, now we can wait for hoverboards.
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Sneaky Panda

A wonderful and delicious South African company that drew our attention. It’s no wonder it did – it’s about two things we love: CATS and SWEETS! Plus we have a soft spot for Hello Kitty <3

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Anastasia Lux

Do you dream of huge natural breasts with big sensitive nipples and big booty? The thought of 36HH gets you rock hard?
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The Big Gay Review

Dave is big, gay and he is absolutely lovely! Also he is a married man so sorry boys – he`s taken! Nerd note: Magic:The Gathering player.
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Violet October

Green eyed submissive masochistic beauty who happens to love kittens and video games. This is such a delicious mixture that we cannot possibly resist her charms ^.^
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