about us

The beginning

Kinky Kittens were born because of censorship. We always liked sharing erotica and porn among our friends. After all, isn’t it what friends are for? However, more and more, our links were censored, some of us even got banned. Mind you: it wasn’t really anything hardcore, breasts were sometimes enough to be in the “oh no, you didn’t, go stand in the corner” zone.

Fuck it, let’s do this.

One evening we just snapped. We love technology and erotica and we want to be able to share the good stuff among like-minded adults. The best way to be able to post boobs, show a great sex toy we want for bday or a link to a great porn video is to have a private platform. If you are easily offended and cannot treat human sexuality with openness and curiosity – go somewhere else. This is a place for adults who are comfortable with themselves.


We come from IT and design background. That probably explains why we find well-designed computer controlled toys so enchanting. ^.^ And since VR and hi-end toys are getting bigger every day, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Know your friends.

Telling your friends and colleagues that you’re getting into an adult oriented business is a fast and fun way to see who’s who. No, really, try it out. We couldn’t believe how many people just fled from our social zone because they didn’t want to be associated with anything “dirty”. They all watch porn (of course) but won’t admit it publicly and oh, how they blush! The ones that stayed, however, were very happy to share their fave porn stars and toys and stories. They’re the kind of people we want to spend time and have fun with. You know who you are: XOXO

We want you!

You can contact us via e-mail or social media; to share ideas or just talk about anything, really.