Aspen Edwards

If you’re looking for brains and body, she’s the one! #cupcakes

Aspen Edwards is a producer, director, manager and a star in one lovely body. She is an impressive, independent girl who handles all of her bookings, work, and productions on her own. Aspen started her career dancing in upscale gentlemen’s clubs. She used the money to fund her college (International Business and Marketing) which tells you right away that she’s a smart girl with ambition. At 26 she become an adult fetish model and in 2011 she entered the adult production realm and developed her own company and adult media outlet Candyshop Nightmare.

She’s very busy with production work but if you’re lucky you can meet this beauty in person. She will show you her Kink Toybox and provide quality entertainment.

Check her webpage to see for yourself why we like her so much.

Why we like Aspen

She’s professional and ambitious, yet very friendly. One look at her and we knew she’s awesome, she’s even sent us a special cupcake photo! We loooove cupcakes and we adore lovely ladies who share their beauty with us. ^.^
She enjoys video games and will teabag you camping losers!

Tattoos, piercings, brains, boobilicious… what more do you need?

Look at the gift she’s sent us! We

In her own words

Heading my production house has been the most exciting and rewarding experience I’ve ever had. (…) as a Creative Director I am fueled daily by excitement, creativity, and connection

As a huge believer in the ‘pay it forward’ ideal it fills my heart to have the ability to give back to charities that support others in their times of need.

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