December Update

Dear Kittens!
This year has been exciting (not always in the way we like it), now we can finish it on a lighter note.

We’ve met many wonderful people & did some great things. We’ve changed too: eye-opening conversations made us realize how passionate we feel about the freedom of choice and free speech. There’s no reason to accept censorship and hypocrisy, both on the Internet and IRL, even if it brands you as the naughty one. Naughty kids have the most fun and get the best presents for Xmas anyway. <3

Now it’s time for rest, joy and friends,  for a great Christmas party & a kinky New Year party. ^.^ Next year will be much better and we can’t wait to see you there with us! Kinky Kittens is about doing everything our way,  sharing our own opinions and experiences even if they aren’t politically correct or glamorous. We’ll be happy to give our private space to other Kittens out there so don’t be shy and talk to us!

In this special winter days remember: sharing is caring.


Kinky Kittens team.