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Hello and welcome to Dirty Talking πŸ™‚ We are a couple and we like sex, porn, other kinky things and we often talk about it,Β  so… why not share some of these talks with more people? The concept of this column is to capture our erotic-themed conversations on specific subjects (such as reviews, some trends in porn etc.) and show it to you.

We hope that it will provoke conversations with your significant other, friends or strangers πŸ™‚

We want to spread the idea that sex is a fun thing to do, sex toys are for everybody and associating them with lonely people is unreasonable, porn is awesome and there is nothing to be ashamed of. So, let’s talk πŸ™‚ ..and be gentle, it’s our first time.


Note: William (Doxy co-owner) gave us the Doxy Massager as a gift. We consider him our kinky friend and we ate Ptasie Mleczko together.

CatDracula (Gent): So, we are back from Venus (an erotic expo in Berlin, Germany), and we brought back with us some pretty cool stuff to try out together πŸ™‚ For our first review we will be talking about our main piece of “memorabilia” from the event – Doxy Massager

CatPie (Gal):Β  The construction is typical for vibrating wands of this kind, but what stands out is definitely the quality of the materials. The exterior is made of silky smooth silicon…

CatDracula: Yes – quality! This thing is very solid, something I did not expect from a sex toy. This was kind of a surprise for me, as we are typically not familiar with that kind of craftsmanship, when it comes to things you use in bed. The other thing – Doxy is pretty big ( 13 inches long and 7.5 inch in circumference), hefty, with its appearance saying “I’m made for heavy duty”, being a classy design at the same time, which is nice.

CatPie: Exactly. It’s no bigger than the usual toys of this type, but it is definitely powerful. It has a power adapter attached with a cord to the device. Again, typical for wands like this, but thankfully the cord is quite long (12 feet), so it is not an issue. As a person who deals with design on a daily basis it is nice to see a sex toy that comes in a very elegant color scheme. Finally, a toy that is not in a shade of puke pink. Also, very important for me, there is no latex. It is covered with medical grade silicone that is odorless and won’t cause irritation.

CatDracula: It is pretty heavy though (516 grams) – not the kind of weight that will cause discomfort, but you definitely feel that you are holding some powerful thing in your hands, as a former bass player, I like it a lot. You can feel the raw power in your hands, you feel mighty.

CatPie: Doxy is very powerful: 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm. Personally, I am very sensitive so the first 2 vibration speeds are more than enough. I imagine it will be sufficient to please any level of sensitivity. What is very nice is the fact that the Doxy vibrates uniformly at the whole surface not like with some low quality vibrators where you have the vibrations only at the tip of the toy. Also, I was very pleased to notice that Doxy is very quiet compared to other toys I have used.

CatDracula: for me the lower levels were also more than enough – putting it to the tip of your wiener, with some good lubricant – can do wonders

CatPie: As it comes to “trial by fire”, which we started almost right away after getting to the hotel from the expo, the wand can be used as a warm up tool of course, but its true potential is visible later in the game. For me there were two positions that sent me flying. First, the doggy style (ass- up- face- down, so I could use my hands) while operating the wand on the clitoris.Β  The second one: lying on my back, with my feet on your torso, while operating the wand. The second position was a definite winner for me.

CatDracula: Let’s talk a while about them, separately… I did not expect how strongly a vibrator can affect me- a guy, during screwing you from behind. It was strong and intense; I seriously had to slow the action down a couple of times. It adds new stimuli to the action, especially that not only were the vibrations doing the “normal” vibrator job, but Doxy also adds some weird yet awesome feeling when balls hit it. So on top of how awesome normal doggy style is, with the ass-view and everything, here comes Doxy, with this new quality – I loved it:-]

CatPie: In the second position, during the action, I was able to press the wand not only on the clit, but also press the lower part of my stomach which translated the vibrations deeper and made the inside of my vagina tighter so that the dick was rubbing the sides more. This was sooo intense!

CatDracula: You almost passed out… πŸ˜€

CatPie: There cannot be a better recommendation for a sex toy.

CatDracula: So, to sum up: Doxy is a piece of gear that surely will expand your experience whether you are using it alone or together, so the verdict is:


You can buy your own Doxy here.