Eternity Collars

Looking for an elegant & minimalist slave collar that you can wear EVERYWHERE?

Now you can be an elegant and stylish slave.

Collars may be great but they pose a problem if you want to wear them outside without advertising that you’re into bondage and servitude. You cannot just go to work or pick your kids from school wearing fetish/bondage gear. Solution? Locking slave collars disguised as minimalist jewellery. If you want to add an extra layer of fun you can engrave a Slave Registration Number barcode on a pendant.

Why we like them

We came across Eternity Collars many, many years ago and we’re glad that they’re still in business. We like minimalist style and the very idea of wearing bdsm/fetish objects in public, especially during important business meetings, is just so deliciously thrilling…^.^


Eternity collars and cuffs are made from high quality solid metal. You have pretty good choice when it comes to the look:

  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel satin finish
  • titanium (weights 40% less than the stainless steel version)
  • black titanium
  • gold titanium (coated with a high-quality, medical-grade gold color finish for the brilliant look of 18kt gold)

There are 10 collar sizes to chose from (collar inside circ. 30.5-51 cm) and 6 cuff sizes (inside circ. 15-20 cm)




Stainless Steel Collection contains 10% – 14% nickel so they may irritate the skin, however the Titanium Collection is 100% hypoallergenic and will not react to sunlight, salt, water, sweat, or body oils. There’s a 365 day return policy so there’s no need to worry.



For details and other products visit Eternity Collars