Friday reflections 1

We live in a very strange world. Last week we had #czarnyprotest. Polish government is about to seriously restrict the abortion law and today we discovered that 86 catholic organizations put forth a proposition to restrict access to emergency contraceptive and TOTAL abortion ban in the name of faith. Everyday we hear how scary the Islamist are, how they will oppress our women and take away our freedoms but our own gov is doing it because they are good Christians. Oh the irony!

Another weird occurrence today was suspension of our friend`s account @WhoresOfYore on Twitter.  We have no idea what triggered the suspension, maybe somebody doesn`t like history of pornography, erotica and sexwork.

And last but not least, we came across a bizarre conflict between the so called “feminists” and sex workers. I refuse to call the people who dehumanize, humiliate and ignore the voices of other women, feminists. In my opinion they have serious issues with other people`s sexuality.

It`s hard to stay positive but we gonna die trying <3 XOXO