Here we go (testing the webpage)

Our little kinky team is happy to finally see our brainchild live on-line. We start small but dream big. At this stage we want to share things we find interesting. Products, companies and entertainers that we came across and thought: we need it in our lives, a world is a better place with stuff/people like this.

You know: these breasts put a smile on your face, that dildo is just so cute, oh-my-god-how-can-they-put-something-THAT-big-there?! That kind of stuff.

It’s funny that everything started because of censorship (more about it here): some things were not meant to be shared on-line with friends, some sights were just too naughty, open dialog was too shocking for some. And now: we have Kinky Kittens team breakfasts: pancakes and porn! Have you ever watched weird Japanese porn with your friends at 9 a.m? There’s nothing like a bonding experience watching bondage. Yeah, I know, couldn’t help myself there ^.^

We want to explore the possibilities and try some ideas. Kinky Kittens is a group of friends with different needs and interests – expect things to have personal touch. Everyone here is different yet when it comes to our attitude we’re the same: we want open conversation, great sex life & lots of fun.

We want YOU to talk to us, all feedback is welcome. Kinky Kittens is a project that can morph into anything – we’ll see where it leads us.