January Update

Dear Kittens!
New year, new challenges and new opportunities.

Our dear friend and fellow kinkster has recently visited a Syrian refugee camp. What he has witnessed moved us and we though that anyone can do something to better the world so why not just try? You see, we’ve been watching a lot of Games Done Quick lately (they speed run games to collect money for cancer prevention) and thought to ourselves: “Hey, wait a minute…people play games for good causes so they surely can fuck for good causes too!” Love for war.

Read our article about it to find lots of links to organisations that you can shower with money if you want to repent for being naughty ^.^

We believe that sharing is caring, do you?

2016 was a difficult year for us for personal reasons and the strain has almost cost us this project. One can lose passion when there’s too much hardship, I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with it. However, we want to stay positive, passionate and keep on going. To be honest this has been the worst and yet the best year of my life.

Stay kinky,
Mrs. Kitten.