Make STEM sexy again!

Fellow kinkster S©ience H⊙⊙ker`s scientific endeavor needs  you support! If science gets you rock solid hard you need to check this out. Crowdfund effort to publish big ass book (600 pages) and eventually to create searchable software with all the data and pretty pictures. You can read all the juicy parts below.



This publication is intended as a useful collation of mineral data from pre-existing open access online sources combined with INCA software idealised spectral synthesis output. Such a collation appears lacking in an accessible cohesive format at the time of writing (2015). It is hoped such a publication will provide a handy reference tool for any user of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) who intends to conduct spectral analysis for the purpose of mineral identification.

This is volume 2 of an eventual 7. We are just doing a print on demand run for now, once we have each volume ready. When all 7 are ready we will database the images and mineral wt% data and create a searchable software package, commercially available. But that is maybe 5-6 years away. It’s a huuuge project.

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Just look at the pictures <3 ain`t they sexy?

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