Music to fuck by – Dark and Smooth

Episode 3: Getting it dark and smooth.

It’s cold outside and the moon is bright, as winter puts a snowy caul on us all, many desires seem to fall asleep. But not here, not among the Kinky Kittens. Winter time can be nice, warm and cozy beneath the sheets, blankets or by the fire in the snowy mountains.

Prepare something cosy, furry and soft to accompany this music. The light should be dimmed, candles will also do. With this kind of music it’s easy to create a dark and sensitive mood for long massages, cuddling and slow sexual experience. Oils, gadgets, ice cubes – this is the right time to use them.

Jazz combined with dark industrial creates a passionate atmosphere of hunger for the partner’s body. Explore, touch, try, smell, taste, feel and synchronize the rhythm of your bodies. This music is also great for individual erotic sessions and exploring one’s body.

The Kilimanjaro DarkJazz Ensemble was born in 2000 in Utrecht. The musical wanderers made scores to silent movie classics including Nosferatu and Metropolis. They combine the elegant and posh art characteristic for educated musicians with wild avant-garde exploration of sounds and moods of alternative artists.


  1. Lead Squid
  2. Caravan!
  3. Embers
  4. Sirocco
  5. Mists Of Krakatoa
  6. Sharbat Gula
  7. Samhain Labs
  8. Seneca
  9. The MacGuffin

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