Music to fuck by – Vampires

Episode 1 : Fang me like You love to – the vampire fuck

This is the first episode of a series of articles about…ta-daa – the best soundtracks to make love to. If You’re planning some sweet lovin’ check out our lists, each time we will propose a different mood. Maybe You’re planning a special erotic night and are looking for a perfect soundtrack? You came 😉 to the right place!

The first episode explores the dark and passionate world of vampires. We’re close to Halloween, ain’t we? Girls tell me, which of You has never thought about being a mighty immortal succubus with long fangs and porcelain skin? Who never dreamt of immortality flooded with sex and hedonism? I thought so.

And guys, tell me, never thought about being the true dark master of the night? That bearer of hypnotic look whose each word made women faint? Many of us have been there, believe me.

So let’s get down to business.

  1. Type O Negative – Black no. 1

Oh yes – the Green Giant and his infamous band. Type O Negative always loved to explore sexual themes, especially when combined with religion or myths. Here we have them in a lovely song about a goth girl getting her vampiric image. We like it in black, oh yes we do!


  1.  Kings of Leon – Closer

A great song to set up the first mood, slowly undress as You explore Your bodies and piece by piece expose Yourself and the lover. A great slow starter for the foreplay.


  1. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s dead

Ok, this is a hard one, but if You’re looking for something really setting the dark mood – here it is. The minimalism, the drumming, the ambient, the low voice… as You get closer and closer and closer…


  1. Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting

Things get serious here, this is a song for all our blood-loving, neck-biting dominas in black high heels. Bite us girls, bite us hard!


  1. Marylin Manson – If I was a vampire

This is just fine for the ending. As Your bodies lie down steaming with heat and the recently felt ecstasy it’s time to wind down… and maybe start again?

So here You have our first proposals. Send us Your comments and suggestions for lists. Keep it kinky!

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