Music to fuck by – Funk yourself to the beat!

Episode 2: Funk yourself to the beat!

Oh yes, we all love that 70’s grooving style. Even though time flies like a cumshot from a man who hasn’t had sex in more than a year some things just won’t change.

Examples? The grooving beat of the funky culture. How is it related to our sex life? Let’s find out!

There are two major things about the 70’s in USA. The galloping sexual revolution revealed that not only do young people want to get rid of the tightening corset of modesty and in-home-only-in-marriage sexuality. People weren’t interested in fighting in Vietnam – they wanted to explore drugs and listen to psychedelic music. The wanted freedom, including sexual freedom. And that’s what they got, also in terms of music.

Gimme some sugar Baby!

The 70’s are often called The Golden Age Of Porn. One of the major events showing its rise to power was the movie by non other than Andy Warhol. This still influential artist was always interested in exploring pop culture and all of its different forms including comics, punk movement and porn. In 1969 Warhol created “Blue Movie” famous for scenes of real unsimulated sex. As Warhol said, it was all about being real and showing real care for one another, while the Hollywood movies seemed fake to him and their characters inhuman. This was the moment when porn hit the art and pop culture at the same time. After Blue Movie came features like Mona and of course the most famous Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace. But this is the story for many articles to come – let’s stick to music. The one that accompanied porn was often really good, not only in terms of creating a kinky, deeply sensual mood. It is still great just on it’s own even without the visual context!

The funky music that you can hear in the 70’s porn is called porn-groove and is a genre of it’s own. Let’s dig in!

The album is about 30 minutes long. If You need more time for your kinky time check more sounds using tags like porn-music, porn-groove, funky, funk, 70s and similar. Don’t forget to check afro-beat, the more African sister of funk. For this type of music, there will be another time – now treat yourself to the kinky sound of 70’s porn:


  1. Grateful Head (from “Jayne’s Woodstock Adventure”)
  2. In My El Camino (from “The Beaver Hunter”)
  3. Gus On The Bus (form “The Traveling Salesman”)
  4. Sweet Juices (from “Honeydew”)
  5. Special Delivery (from “Lonely Mrs. Johnson”)
  6. Dr. Mann’s Prescription (from “Insatiable”)
  7. Do You Dance? (from “Right Of Passage”)
  8. O (from “The Story Of Y”)
  9. Carma’s Theme (from “Studio 69”)
  10. Malibu High (from “Ride Me Like A Wave”)
  11. Two Is Better Than One (from “Rosemary Cloney)

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