Let me tell you something about business. It`s hard to fight with all the competitors and still make a buck so why not go to the State to pass a law that will direct all this sweet power and money to you? In addition, because you are thinking about the future, add some safety measures: e.g. you cannot be fired, only voted out of the job. Brilliant!

It’s all about your safety and health, trust me! You see, we want you to use condoms, that is all! AIDS is bad! We are good! Now vote YES.


We are the outsiders but this proposition looks very similar to something that happened in Poland with a Committee devoted to fighting  all those nasty sects (Ogólnopolski Komitet Obrony przed Sektami), one man gained political support and money under the noble banner of fighting sects and “bad influences”. Outside it was all about safety, protecting children and all that good PR stuff but the truth was, this whole project was one power hungry man dreaming of money and attention. Ultimately he failed but before doing so he took dozens of high-profile people to court, invading their privacy, harassing them and using the State to do his biding.

We care about health issues and we care about safety of our friends in the industry however this proposed law is against it all. It puts too much power in the hands of one man, it is written so vaguely that it’s open to wide spectrum of interpretations and, in the end, it`s just one bloke’s career move. A dangerous one.

What can you do? Educate yourself – for one minute stop fapping to your favorite entertainer and listen to what she/he has to say about the subject. We will not tell you anything new but at least we can provide some useful links.

Educate yourself