November update

Hello Kittens!

As you can see we moved some things around, we’d like our page to be more comfortable and pretty! Also we added our first affiliated content in the form of KinkyTUBE, we strongly recommend you check it out (not just because of $). We came across this kind of “organic” erotica by accident and soon after we got rid of regular porn from our page. We all like good quality and craftsmanship and it grabbed us by the balls/pussies/hearts. This kind of porn, in our opinion, has more substance and is more pleasing to the senses. From the beginning we were going to be very clear and open about our affiliation programs, hence the sign. From now on it will be added to everything that involves money.

Another change is the addition of popular and fun entertainers that you probably know (and have fapped to them already). But if you don’t – you have to check them out.

We got rid of social pages feed. You can simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Slowly but surely, we are getting back to our schedule. We’re starting this with a new series Dirty Talking, written by a couple with a goal of inciting dialog between people. We hope it will inspire to you to talk with your partner(s) openly about sex, erotica and relationships.

We hope you like the changes. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.
Kinky Kittens