Sex deviations in Japan.

The subject is very broad and intriguing. When you ask someone what image they have implanted in their head about sex in Japan they start describing many prejudices or some ‘common knowledge’ like you know….the size of Asian penises.
But how it really is?

Who am I

I’ve been living in Japan for a few years now which gives me quite a good insight into the subject; I am open to many new experiences and I think that I’m as unbiased and objective as you can get. I would like to do it as I like it best, so I’ll start soft and finish hard. Beginning with an easy and nice subject, as a foreplay if u will….And so, after much consideration I have decided to go with perverts in the trains.

The Ass-touchers

Just a few years ago, it was such a big issue that the Japanese government decided to introduce women-only train carts. (Actually, not only for women, but also for kids under 12 years old, the disabled and the sick). They are for women only in the peak hours, that is: mornings 7:30-9:00 am and evenings 5:30-7:00 pm (in some areas only). Why was it such an important issue? Was there really a need to do that? Well… there was.




Probably not many of you have experienced riding a train in Japan. Imagine morning rush hours, gazillions of people waiting for the train….when it comes it’s already packed full, so one might think “oh well, not going to fit in…” You are wrong, and yes, you can fit in. Other 30 people think the same so they squeeze in, with the help of the platform people pushing them into the train with their hands in white gloves. It is not an urban legend of any kind, here in Tokyo, Japan, it is just everyday reality.

From my personal observations, commuting every morning in Tokyo, I must say that there has to be a magical portal in the carriage doors. There, people leave all their good manners and all the super-duper nice Japanese culture and they become extra rude, pushy, elbow fighting and stop carrying about others. The Japanese like to think of themselves as the better Asia, always complaining about those rude Chinese people, so I was wondering: aren’t they forgetting about the rudeness in the morning trains?

Being a woman is extra unpleasant thanks to the perverts, mornings or evenings. Although, in the morning everyone is sleepy, so it might be just fine, but in the evening, oh well….not sleepy anymore but definitely drunk. The male passengers seem to be frustrated by their work, not being able to be themselves, subordinated, governed by strict rules in the office. Probably spent the entire day in front of the monitor, no human contact. So they let go of their frustration by touching girls’ asses in packed trains. It wouldn’t be such a problem if it was a singular event, something that happened once or twice tops, but it becomes an everyday thing at some point. Some girls wouldn’t mind being gently touched by a rather handsome guy, unfortunately the touchers are old, ugly and drunk.

What is more, touching is not the only pervert thing they do….I’m speaking not from my personal experience but my good friend’s account. She was riding back home, in unbelievably packed train when she felt something weird. Someone was giving himself a release in a packed train. She couldn’t tell who it was exactly, as it was just too crowded. Just some guy behind her, and she could see like 4 of them in close proximity to her ass. When she left the train at the nearest station she had a white substance on her coat. Oh yes, glad to hear that the pervert was able to obtain the ultimate relief.




Apparently, the Japanese have no shame in doing weird things like that at all. They touch and they behave like they are not doing anything. Eyes fixed on some far away object, mind drifting away; mentally, they are on another planet, probably where girls are only the leg/ass part.

Generally, many Japanese are in the ass person, rather than boobs person category. If u think about the average size of boobs in Japan, you might not be that surprised as, oh yes, they are usually very small or nonexistent. I have a feeling that every girl that has been born with bigger boobs automatically ends up in the porn biz. Which is cool, I guess, it’s like using the best natural resources at your disposal. And it is way easier to discretely touch an ass rather than a boob, so I guess that is the reason behind increasing ass popularity. Now, after all the past incidents, when you are riding in a packed train it is as if everyone was listening and dancing to the same music, which is ‘Hands up’ by Ottawan. At least that is what I am always imagining when riding a train.

Fortunately, the tendency is changing and once in a while, the news reports that they are making an example of a salary-man and he’s being fired from the company after the ass-touching accident in the train. Nationwide campaigns informing how bad it is to touch asses in the transportation vehicles (no kidding) can be seen everywhere. There are those women-only cars, so you can say they are trying.

That’s one thing, on the other hand…I heard a conversation of two sixteen year old looking girls in school uniforms….
Girl1: You should shorten your skirt, no one will find u sexy if it is too long
Girl2: Are you sure? I think it’s quite short.
Girl1: No, make it shorter. Or you wanna be like Kei-chan? She’s never been touched on the train :).


Images taken from “Stop it you train molester” manga