Sneaky Panda

A wonderful and delicious South African company that drew our attention. It’s no wonder it did – it’s about two things we love: CATS and SWEETS! Plus we have a soft spot for Hello Kitty <3

Sneaky Panda/Cake Worx create mouth-watering cakes and cupcakes but they also take care of several feral cat colonies (around 80 cats). They do it responsibly and TNR (trap-neuter-return) cats all the time. To raise the money needed for it, they do a variety of things. They are very talented and lovely people – just talk to them and see for yourself.

They’re here for you should you want:

  • amazing cakes and cupcakes
  • charcuterie
  • to laser cut or engrave something
  • need a custom-built cat house

They will fulfill your every desire! well…as long as it’s about cake, wood or biltong. Kinky Kittens love artisans who do custom made orders so we must admit it pains us that they’re soooo far away from us. We’d buy their themed cakes all the time if we could! ^.^

Delicious food:

go here to purchase something delicious
Cake Worx

Helping cats:

learn more about the cat rescue project
The Cat Company

Just look at these gorgeous cakes!

Our inner kinky princess is hungry!


Please note: we couldn’t resist the girly pinkish creations but they do all sorts of cakes – just check them out yourself.
Contact Sneaky Panda if you’d like to help kittens or if you’d like something made just for you.
We think it’s a win-win situation: order delicacies and help kittens!

It’s not only great that they take care of cats…

they’ll even do a cake for your dog!