Teledildonics – the future of adult entertainment?

Cyber sex has been a thing for a while now and it’s here to stay, especially now that we have cool technology and fast Net.

We’ve been hearing about it for ages but the technology is finally here and it’s time to enjoy some cheap thrills. Now we can wait for hoverboards.

The term.

Coined in 1974 by Ted Nelson in “Computer Lib / Dream Machines”.
Sometimes also called cyberdildonics but we prefer the tele + dildo + electronics mix.
Teledildonics stands for remote sex (via the Internet) that uses a combination of hardware and software for simulation of sex or, to put it more accurately, mutual masturbation. No wonder we kind of like the idea – sex and technology are so much fun!
We’ve been hearing the mantra “it’s going to be the next big thing” since the 80s. Cyber-stuff and cyber-sex have been on our collective minds for quite a while now. A good example of this “futuristic sex”, albeit a parody, is the “Demolition Man” “sex” scene [so awkward, so gloriously schlocky ;p ] Looks like we finally have the technology, we can have (more or less) tactile and interactive cyber sex.Now we have the bodysuits, headgear/goggles, gloves AND remotely controlled sex toys that we’ve seen in movies or read about in books. They still look rather silly but give it some time and everything will be nice and slick. The sex toys are either controlled live by a human being or have been previously scripted by one (e.g. porn movies that are synchronized with your sex toy). The VR goggles place us “in the scene”, the bodysuits (however awkward and silly) simulate hugs and the presence of another body, the gloves allow remote control of various devices (or electric stimulation if you like that kind of thing).
Welcome to the new epoch. The era of long distance semi-fictional relationships.

How to have sex futuristic style

Step 1: Acquire internet-controllable sex toy(s) and software. It can be something as simple as a remotely controlled vibrator or something much more complicated and sophisticated if you have the dough.

Step 2: Find someone willing to control the toy/insert things in their orifices and give you the remote.
Et voila! You’re now on the frontline of futuristic sex that some sci-fi geeks have been dreaming about.

The good

You can have safe sexual interaction with a complete, anonymous stranger OR share an intimate moment with your partner who is away atm. You could be paralyzed and still be able to perform some sexual acts on your beloved ones. That’s the beauty of this technology. Teledildonics can bring people closer and enable them to do the (previously) impossible. Somebody’s dick can be humping a fleshlight thousands of km away from an orifice of another person yet, this lucky guy or gal feels every move.
Long-distance relationships can benefit from a more “hands-on” experience, it’s not just phone sex, video chats or super sexy act of stroking the keyboard and trying to make strings of letter sexy.

The ugly

The distance between people keeps on growing. Some won’t use this technology to be closer to real people but to get off with absolutely no need for real human interaction. After all, people are high-maintenance appliances – you need to speak with them, take into account their needs and wishes, they might judge or misunderstand you. If you can get everything you need on-line (make money, do the shopping, entertain yourself, satisfy your libido etc.) without EVER seeing anyone there’s no reason to have face-to-face body-to-body relationships.

The future

Teledildonics has already been welcomed by the adult industry and it’s only going to get better. Online webcam services and blue movies already offer support for remotely controlled sex toys. Soon you’ll don a bodysuit, hook yourself to the net-enabled toys and enter VR to enjoy a private, intimate, pretty real sex show with a person on another continent. Exciting. Safe. Borderless.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing this technology flourish. And we think it will.
After all, the sex industry has always been quick to adopt novel technologies and we live in a world where everybody uses devices connected to the interwebs and there’s always this great new gadget that you just need to have.
Even if you don’t plan on investing your interest (& money) in teledildonics – imagine hearing on the news embarrassing stories about sex toys being hacked. It’s gonna be glorious.

blast from the past:

How to have cybersex on the internet

The Thrillhammer

Check these archival issues of ‘Future Sex’ – 1990s mag that had teledildonics among the topics
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