The Big Gay Review

Dave is big, gay and he is absolutely lovely! Also he is a married man so sorry boys – he`s taken! Nerd note: Magic:The Gathering player.

Some backstory and policies taken straight from Dave`s website

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for a few years now, at Lovehoney – a UK based online adult retailer. I then decided it might be a good idea to collect those reviews on to my own blog – a place where I can write a bit more freely about my experiences with toys. I never expected anyone would ever actually find the blog, or even read it. But people did find it, and people did read it. We made the Kinkly Top 100 Sex Blogger Superhero’s list – an incredible achievement considering we’ve not even been around for a year. 2015, I’m coming for the Top 50, so you better watch out!

The purpose of the blog is to provide in depth sex toy reviews, and where I can, provide help and advice on all things sex and sex toys. Some of the reviews on the blog are for toys that I have personally bought. Other reviews are for products that have been sent to me by manufacturers or retailers in exchange for an honest review. All reviews are written 100% honestly. Receiving a product for free does not sway my opinions or thoughts on any product that I receive.

On The Big Gay Review website you can find reviews, guides, personal stories and many other highly entertaining and interesting things. The blog offers in depth sex toy reviews and advice on sex and sex toys. The Big Bay Review is #11 on Kinkly Top 100 Sex Blogger Superheros of 2015 list and it’s no surprise to us; just go and check it out, we’re pretty sure you’ll become a fan ^.^

Why we like The Big Gay Review

We really appreciate Dave’s honesty, openness and his writing style – it’s a pleasure to read him. The name of the page may suggest that it’s for gays, however anyone can enjoy reading it and benefit from the articles. After all, topics such as finding time for sexy-time with your partner or feeling insecure about your not-quite-runway-body are pretty universal.

We also like the fact, that The Big Gay review is very transparent about their policies and are open to feedback.

Our hearts grow even fonder when things we care about pop up on twitter feed: we are suckers for good package design, adore Bowie, love MTG and we’ve spent more time than we should playing Pokémon Go ^.^

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