The Tentacle

The Tentacle is a unique dildo that you can leave on the shelf and pretend it’s a silicone sculpture. Let’s face it: it’s a piece of art that you can fuck.


The Tentacle is a brain child of Bad Dragon – the creators of┬ácustom hand-made fantasy toys. If you’ve ever dreamt of demon dicks it’s a place for you to visit.

Everyone we’ve shown this beauty was surprised and even shocked a little, yet they all smiled this strange dreamy smile <3
I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be curious and willing to try it out? With a spectacular shape like that even if it doesn’t turn out to be your thing you can proudly keep it on display. If your nosy old-fashioned family member asks what it is, just tell them it’s a piece of fancy contemporary art – they will believe you. ^.^

When it comes to this friendly tentacle you can customize the size, firmness and colour.

The size:

Dimensions (inches) Small Medium Large
diameter of head 0.90 1.30 1.60
diameter of shaft 1.00 1.50 1.80
diameter of shaft base 1.75 2.60 3.25
usable length 4.25 5.75 8.00
circumference of head 2.50 3.50 4.35
circumference of shaft 3.50 4.75 6.50
circumference of shaft base 5.75 8.10 10.50
total length 5.85 8.25 10.15

The firmness:

  • soft
  • medium
  • firm

The colour:

  • toy exclusive colours (2)
  • standard colours (18):
    sapphire, Onyx, Venus, BD Pink, Crimson, Royal Purple, Midnight, Emerald green, Citrus orange, BD Brown, Sky, Starlight glow, Duka-cola quantum, Ultraviolet, Ectoplasm, 5th kind, 4th kind and if you can’t possibly chose: surprise me!
  • custom colors:
    striped, marbled or single


You’ll find more info and pictures of the Tentacle at Bad Dragon.