Kinky articles

Those mysterious sex coins

named after the anal sphincter.
Sexy brothel coins may be fabulous but would they accept them as payment?
Why it’s never a good idea to jump into conclusions. ^.^
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Valentine’s Kittens style

It’s Valentine’s day, time for a compulsory post about it. Love and sex are so connected with Valentines that we simply cannot remain silent, everybody is talking about it, Valentine’s sales are everywhere (even butcher’s do it – nothing says ILY like a heart-shaped flesh of a dead animal). Read more

Music to fuck by – Dark and Smooth

Episode 3: Getting it dark and smooth.

It’s cold outside and the moon is bright, as winter puts a snowy caul on us all, many desires seem to fall asleep. But not here, not among the Kinky Kittens. Winter time can be nice, warm and cozy beneath the sheets, blankets or by the fire in the snowy mountains.
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Kinky Kittens go to war (for love)!

We, the Kittens, love to play, love to party and above all – love to make love. We are all for safe and wonderfully insane sex for everybody. But there are places where the very word “love” seems to be forgotten, not only in the physical form, but also the one between the hearts. We want to help so the people can fell both of these again.
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Sex deviations in Japan.

The subject is very broad and intriguing. When you ask someone what image they have implanted in their head about sex in Japan they start describing many prejudices or some ‘common knowledge’ like you know….the size of Asian penises.
But how it really is?
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Dirty Talking – Doxy

Hello and welcome to Dirty Talking 🙂 We are a couple and we like sex, porn, other kinky things and we often talk about it,  so… why not share some of these talks with more people? The concept of this column is to capture our erotic-themed conversations on specific subjects (such as reviews, some trends in porn etc.) and show it to you.
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(Updated) Nerdy guide to security and hardware

Cheers Love! The IT support is here!
This series of articles should help you keep your electronic presence secure and your hardware choices optimal. I will also help you stay as anonymous as possible, together we will build a good PC/Laptop for your cam business and we will unravel the mysteries of TOR, cryptography & privacy settings on your brand new phone.

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Teledildonics – the future of adult entertainment?

Cyber sex has been a thing for a while now and it’s here to stay, especially now that we have cool technology and fast Net.

We’ve been hearing about it for ages but the technology is finally here and it’s time to enjoy some cheap thrills. Now we can wait for hoverboards.
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Music to fuck by – Funk yourself to the beat!

Episode 2: Funk yourself to the beat!

Oh yes, we all love that 70’s grooving style. Even though time flies like a cumshot from a man who hasn’t had sex in more than a year some things just won’t change.

Examples? The grooving beat of the funky culture. How is it related to our sex life? Let’s find out!

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Music to fuck by – Vampires

Episode 1 : Fang me like You love to – the vampire fuck

This is the first episode of a series of articles about…ta-daa – the best soundtracks to make love to. If You’re planning some sweet lovin’ check out our lists, each time we will propose a different mood. Maybe You’re planning a special erotic night and are looking for a perfect soundtrack? You came 😉 to the right place!
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Kinbaku – history in a nutshell

You can ignore its rich history and cultural undertones and just enjoy this form of bondage. But why would you? Read more about this art of erotic restraint to gain new appreciation for it. Here we’ll provide you with a brief history and some additional info.

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