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June update 03/06/2017

Hello Kittens!

This month is going to be a relationship month for us.
Our team has been talking about our relationships and hardships we face. Being with someone can be very difficult, especially if you deal with personal issues that can be an impediment to “and they lived happily ever after…”

After all, we’re just stupid people who know nothing about the world or ourselves who are trying to make things work. “How can you know how to make me happy if I don’t know that myself” kind of thing. ^.^
Btw: Who told us that two individual morons can be one sensible entity without monumental work behind it?

Enjoy your life and do something special for your relationship. <3

April update 06/04/2017

Hello Kittens!

The warmer it get’s, the hornier we are ^.^ Do you feel it too?
Shout-out to all the beautiful people out there who show more and more of their bodies for the viewers pleasure. Really appreciated :p

We’ve been noticing that we’re living in cyber-punk future now. It’s cool and scary at the same time. The good thing is the technology – I mean, VR-porn and games are going to be fun. But the uncanny valley feeling we get when we look at the news and the state of affairs…Oh, man, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid being political… But don’t worry, since we’re about fun and sharing, we won’t fall into temptation.

Have a great horny spring everyone,

March update 03/03/2017

Hello Kittens!

Spring is in the air and everybody around is more cheerful and playful, have you noticed?

Tomorrow we have a SexWorkFest in Warsaw. It’s first time people are meeting to celebrate the International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. Since our country isn’t the most progressive when it comes to such matters it’s going to be very interesting. Fingers crossed.

We have issues with the webpage. Unexpected popularity causes it to go down from time to time. If you notice it’s dead again, please twit us or write us on Facebook.


SexWorkPolska we can help! 24/02/2017


I`m Michael from, we are a young sexpositive website and we would like to know, how we can help?

Poland is our country of origin, and we hope to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Contact us on FB, Twitter!

Kinky Team

January Update 16/01/2017

Dear Kittens!
New year, new challenges and new opportunities.

Our dear friend and fellow kinkster has recently visited a Syrian refugee camp. What he has witnessed moved us and we though that anyone can do something to better the world so why not just try? You see, we’ve been watching a lot of Games Done Quick lately (they speed run games to collect money for cancer prevention) and thought to ourselves: “Hey, wait a minute…people play games for good causes so they surely can fuck for good causes too!” Love for war.

Read our article about it to find lots of links to organisations that you can shower with money if you want to repent for being naughty ^.^

We believe that sharing is caring, do you?

2016 was a difficult year for us for personal reasons and the strain has almost cost us this project. One can lose passion when there’s too much hardship, I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with it. However, we want to stay positive, passionate and keep on going. To be honest this has been the worst and yet the best year of my life.

Stay kinky,
Mrs. Kitten.

December Update 23/12/2016

Dear Kittens!
This year has been exciting (not always in the way we like it), now we can finish it on a lighter note.

We’ve met many wonderful people & did some great things. We’ve changed too: eye-opening conversations made us realize how passionate we feel about the freedom of choice and free speech. There’s no reason to accept censorship and hypocrisy, both on the Internet and IRL, even if it brands you as the naughty one. Naughty kids have the most fun and get the best presents for Xmas anyway. <3

Now it’s time for rest, joy and friends,  for a great Christmas party & a kinky New Year party. ^.^ Next year will be much better and we can’t wait to see you there with us! Kinky Kittens is about doing everything our way,  sharing our own opinions and experiences even if they aren’t politically correct or glamorous. We’ll be happy to give our private space to other Kittens out there so don’t be shy and talk to us!

In this special winter days remember: sharing is caring.


Kinky Kittens team.

November update 04/11/2016

Hello Kittens!

As you can see we moved some things around, we’d like our page to be more comfortable and pretty! Also we added our first affiliated content in the form of KinkyTUBE, we strongly recommend you check it out (not just because of $). We came across this kind of “organic” erotica by accident and soon after we got rid of regular porn from our page. We all like good quality and craftsmanship and it grabbed us by the balls/pussies/hearts. This kind of porn, in our opinion, has more substance and is more pleasing to the senses. From the beginning we were going to be very clear and open about our affiliation programs, hence the sign. From now on it will be added to everything that involves money.

Another change is the addition of popular and fun entertainers that you probably know (and have fapped to them already). But if you don’t – you have to check them out.

We got rid of social pages feed. You can simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Slowly but surely, we are getting back to our schedule. We’re starting this with a new series Dirty Talking, written by a couple with a goal of inciting dialog between people. We hope it will inspire to you to talk with your partner(s) openly about sex, erotica and relationships.

We hope you like the changes. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.
Kinky Kittens

VENUS Berlin 2016 quick note 17/10/2016

Our kinky team spent Friday visiting Venus 2016 in Berlin. And it was glorious. You should have seen us, trying to focus and have casual conversations with all those boobies and asses teasing us all the time!

The people were absolutely wonderful and we’re glad that we had a chance to talk with amazing performers, toy producers and craftsmen. Everybody was very friendly and we loved the fact that you could talk to and take photos with gorgeous women and two feet away find artisans who create handmade art for your bedroom. We wished we could buy half of the stuff we saw at Venus. Anyways, what we eventually got raised a few eyebrows at the airport security ^.^

We even had a chance to talk with two lovely gentlemen from the press. (you can read their article here)

We will write more about Venus and our adventures so stay tuned.

Friday reflections 1 30/09/2016

We live in a very strange world. Last week we had #czarnyprotest. Polish government is about to seriously restrict the abortion law and today we discovered that 86 catholic organizations put forth a proposition to restrict access to emergency contraceptive and TOTAL abortion ban in the name of faith. Everyday we hear how scary the Islamist are, how they will oppress our women and take away our freedoms but our own gov is doing it because they are good Christians. Oh the irony!

Another weird occurrence today was suspension of our friend`s account @WhoresOfYore on Twitter.  We have no idea what triggered the suspension, maybe somebody doesn`t like history of pornography, erotica and sexwork.

And last but not least, we came across a bizarre conflict between the so called “feminists” and sex workers. I refuse to call the people who dehumanize, humiliate and ignore the voices of other women, feminists. In my opinion they have serious issues with other people`s sexuality.

It`s hard to stay positive but we gonna die trying <3 XOXO

Kinky update #1 22/09/2016

It`s been 3 weeks since our website was released to the wild. We’ve met so many great people in this short span of time: scientists, academicians, artists, bloggers and entertainers, and our goal now is to connect them with the real people on the other side of the wire. We believe that by spreading knowledge, fun and sex positive attitude we can make people happier, we don`t want to change the World, just to bring a little joy to it.

We are currently working on our “transparency” policy so all of our friends and visitors will be able to read about our “for profit” part of the site. For example, in the future only the main page will have ads, all other pages will be ad free. We don`t want to make $ of our friends and we consider this to be a fair deal.

Love and kisses!
– Kittens