VENUS Berlin 2016 quick note

Our kinky team spent Friday visiting Venus 2016 in Berlin. And it was glorious. You should have seen us, trying to focus and have casual conversations with all those boobies and asses teasing us all the time!

The people were absolutely wonderful and we’re glad that we had a chance to talk with amazing performers, toy producers and craftsmen. Everybody was very friendly and we loved the fact that you could talk to and take photos with gorgeous women and two feet away find artisans who create handmade art for your bedroom. We wished we could buy half of the stuff we saw at Venus. Anyways, what we eventually got raised a few eyebrows at the airport security ^.^

We even had a chance to talk with two lovely gentlemen from the press. (you can read their article here)

We will write more about Venus and our adventures so stay tuned.