Whores of Yore

Whores of Yore is Dr. Kate Lister, a postdoctoral research associate at Leeds Trinity University. She studies the history of sex work, sexuality and gender roles.


Whores of Yore is a ‘catalogue of jilts, cracks, prostitutes, night-walkers, whores, she-friends, kind women, and others of the linnen-lifting tribe’ and based on her research Kate uses the feed to raise awareness of sex worker rights and all issues relating to sexuality. By exploring the past and allowing people to engage with the history of sex, Kate hopes to contextualize current debates and allow people to see sexuality is simply part of who we are.

Why we like Whores of Yore:

Kinky Kittens enjoy Whores of Yore tremendously. We’re interested in history, science and knowledge in general so we appreciate the chance to see rare historical sexual content. It’s easy to forget that our forefathers were also into blow jobs, anal sex and all sorts of fetishes. Whores of Yore reminds you that we’re not the first wave of kinksters & that we aren’t as unique as we’d like to think. Humanity has always loved kink and experimented with sex looking for new thrills. Filthy medieval drawings or Victorian gay bondage photos prove it.

One cannot overlook the fact that Whores of Yore is an important voice in the discussion of sex worker rights and needs. As Kate put it: “This is the rich and diverse history of a vibrant and proud profession; a group of people constantly fighting stigma, stereotypes and outdated laws. After I realised that, my focus shifted and I wanted it to be as educational as it is entertaining. I suppose I wanted to be respectful, as well.” [source]

We like to read Whores of Yore twits with our morning coffee. Trivia, fun-facts, vintage erotica, archaic words for sex acts – all these things are stimulating on many levels and make a great conversation starter. For example, can you guess what “Impersonating Stalin” means? [answer]

Honestly, who can resist a naughty NSFW history? Thanks to Whores of Yore we’ve just learned that James Joyce was a fart-loving pervert! ^.^


Whores of Yore is for you if you:

– are interested in history of sex and sex work

– want to see erotica & porn from previous eras

– like #historicalhottie with your morning coffee

– want to expand your vocabulary (‘word of the day’ series is porn for linguists)

– want book recommendations

– suspect your grand-grandma was a porn model/ burlesque dancer

– are a sex worker


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